VOSESA closes its doors

We regret to announce that VOSESA (Volunteering and Service Enquiry Southern Africa), one of the main organisations producing knowledge about volunteering, will be closing its doors by the end of this year, owing to a lack of funds.

VOSESA carried out important research about volunteering on the southern Africa region, on the outcomes and the impacts of volunteering on volunteers, on hosting societies and on sending countries. Their last report, commissioned by the Irish organisation Comhlamh, presents research on models of international volunteering, puts forward good practices and makes recommendations for fairer volunteering models.

VOSESA’s legacy will be sustained in two ways: the website will continue to exist for two years, and VOSESA’s staff will be available to undertake assignments on a freelance basis from January 2014.

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Find VOSESA’s publications on international and regional volunteering here