Tools, methods

Resource websites offering tools and methods for international voluntary and solidarity-based commitment:

F3E is a network of over 90 members involved in international cooperation initiatives. Its activities include the production of knowledge, exchanges between members and development stakeholders and a resources centre.
See: the resources centre


Groupe URD (Relief, Rehabilitation, and Development) is a research, evaluation and training institute that specializes in the fields of humanitarian action and post-crisis reconstruction. Its aim is to improve practices in order to ensure that crisis-affected populations see an improvement in their situation.
See: the publications and the Haïti Observatory


RITIMO is an information and communication network specialising in international solidarity and sustainable development. In France, it has nearly 80 members and relay points that reach out to the general public by offering documentation, information, events and avenues for action. 
See: the Rinoceros portal (international information portal for a fair and united world)


OTeN gathers a great deal of information, studies, actions and explores the scope of areas to be studied. This “material” is intended to be shared in order to equip the stakeholders about digitization of territories; this is the very purpose of collective intelligence.
See: the regional and thematic analysis, the study on digital public data.