The 2012 report on Short-term exchanges in the Cotravaux network is out !

Cotravaux, the main network of voluntary work in France, and a member of France Volontaires, has published its 2012 report on short-term collective actions (national and international work-camps). The report is published each year by Observo, Cotravaux’s observatory and a partner of our Observatory.

In the report, you will find information about:

  • The number of volunteers that participated in work-camps in France, and the percentage of volunteers coming from abroad
  • The profile of volunteers: age, education,...
  • The most important hosting regions in France
  • Work-camps organised abroad by French organisations of the Cotravaux network
  • The main hosting countries
  • The profile of volunteers who participated in a work-camp abroad

And much more!

Download the report here (in French only).

Visit the Observo website here (in French only).