Summary report of youth camps in 2012

Autor : Emile-Eric Affognitodé

« Short-term initiation volunteering (IV) is an educational action that aims at developing local and global citizenship of participants through intercultural exchange and through collective, solidarity action within the framework of public interest. » FRANCE VOLONTAIRES

This volunteering accounts for the most significant share in the entire French volunteering system. It is thus a major stake for France Volontaires. Developing quality commitment towards international volunteering & solidarity is its aim, and with this perspective, France Volontaires rubs shoulders with IV stake-holders.

This kind of volunteering contributes productively for the betterment of living conditions of inhabitants in host countries through the building of infrastructure for civil society, reforestation and literacy campaigns... But most importantly, it serves the purpose of giving another perspective to local youth so that they get an opportunity to be a part of an enriching intercultural exchange.

In order to facilitate a closer link with participants and organisations, their activities, their day-to-day functioning, their experiences, and in order to obtain a systemic vision regarding the evolution of dynamics within this field, France Volontaires organizes Field-visits to work-camps in various countries for the purpose of forging a meaningful partnership. In 2012, this project comprised 250 working days (excluding time devoted to data analysis and treatment, and feedback to stakeholders), with variable mobilizations depending on Volunteer Spaces. This amounted to a full time intervention of almost 1 – 3 people. 166 work camps which figured in these field-visits were subjected to an in-depth analysis. 

Language : English, French
Country : World
Editor / producing organization : France Volontaires
Director : Jean-Loup Capdeville
Date volume : 05/2014
Pages : 8 pages
Language : English, French
Themed keywords : Youth volunteering, work-camps
actor keywords : NGO, development organizations
Geographical Keywords : Africa, Asia, Latin America

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