Study about international volunteering in the French region Pays de la Loire

Autor : Anaëlle Fer

The study about international volunteering in the Pays de la Loire region was focused on the year 2012.

It identified 962 volunteers mobilized in the entire region. 74 structures and nearly 20 volunteers were interviewed or contacted through questionnaires. Each structure is involved in at least one of the following dimensions : information, sending / hosting of international volunteers, funding, support.

International volunteering in Pays de la Loire is characterized by:

  • the presence of many actors (mainly not-for-profit organisations and inhabitants of the Loire -Atlantique department)
  • a very strong representation of Short-term initiation volunteers
  • assignments predominantly oriented towards the EU, sub-Saharan Africa and the Mediterranean countries
  • the presence of public actors (local authorities and decentralized State services ) involved in particular through funding.

Language : French
Country : France
Place : Nantes
Director : Jean-Loup Capdeville
Date volume : 10/2013
Pages : 84 pages
Language : French
Themed keywords : panorama, volunteering, commitments
actor keywords : sending organisations, volunteers, institutional stakeholders
Geographical Keywords : Pays de la Loire, France

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