Specialised Journals

Altermondes is a quarterly journal about international solidarity, aimed at all those who are concerned about international solidarity, sustainable development and human rights etc… The journal seeks to foster understanding of international issues and promote practices of international solidarity and ethical behavior in this domain. 
See: the special report “partir et revenir citoyen du monde” (Global citizen, Go and Come back)


Youphil.com is a media platform that keeps an eye on all types of activity in the solidarity domain and offers an analysis of news from the world of voluntary commitment in all its forms: association-based, humanitarian, philanthropic, entrepreneurial or political.
See: the blog “Volontaire, pourquoi pas vous?” (Volunteer, Why not You?)


Alternatives Internationales

Sharing the values of justice and solidarity that are at the core of Alternatives Economiques’s editorial project, Alternatives Internationales offers a socially engaging look at worldwide news. It calls on French and foreign specialists to help grasp the meaning of current major changes that are underway. Convinced that the human being is not condemned to global injustices, the destruction of the environment and human rights violations, it offers a way towards progress.
See: the page about solidarity


Launched in September 2009 by the French Ministry of Foreign & European Affairs (MAEE), LatitudeFrance.org aims to introduce the general public and lobbyists to the many activities of France’s cultural and cooperation network around the world.
See: the page about international volunteering


Led by the French Development Agency (AFD), Kaléidoscope is a bibliographical monthly publication on development that gives a comprehensive review of scientific and technical content of the world’s main journals and publications dealing with economic development and poverty eradication. The focus is on a major news event every month. A brief summary of the aforementioned publications, the internet report and the reference article for the period are thus proposed according to different themes (water, earth, people, organizations, law and regulation, geography, etc…).
See: the guide “Où chercher sur le web ? ” (Where to look on the Web?”) when interested in development issues.