Soon : New Forum paper on the interface between international and national volunteering

The Research Working Group from Forum presented at this year’s IVCO conference (27-30 october in Paris) an on-going research on the interface between international and national volunteering. This research will lead to the publication of a paper, to be coming soon.

The main objectives of the study are (as presented by Cliff Allum from the Rsearch Working Group):

  • To describe and identify the rationale for programs that engage with national and international volunteering and particularly those that explicitly connect them through their program models
  • To draw out the distinct advantages and disadvantages of programme models that promote international volunteering alongside national and community volunteering schemes and identify important learning for future programme developments
  • To identify how and why choices are made to develop and implement different approaches to volunteering in this area and to address the policy implications for IVCOs based on these developments

The Observatory will let you know when the paper is published, stay tuned!