International Volunteering in India - 2013 report

Autor : Devika Singh

The 2013 report about international volunteering in India, carried out by Devika Singh, surveyed 31 organisations hosting volunteers from abroad. The report is focused on European volunteers who were on an assignment in India in 2012. 517 volunteers were identified.

Key elements:


  • 41% of the European volunteers went on an assignment without a specific arrangement or legal status. This represents the informal channels of volunteering, which are important in India
  • 32% of organisations recruit volunteers directly (without passing through another organization or institution)
  • Almost all (95%) of the organisations surveyed have had difficulties with volunteers (mainly intercultural)


European Volunteers in India are:

  • Women (68%)
  • Aged between 18 to 26 (71%)
  • Highly qualified (91% hold a university degree)


Language : English, French
Country : India
Editor / producing organization : France Volontaires
Place : India (New Dehli, Pondicherry)
Director : Jean-Loup Capdeville
Date volume : 10/2013
Pages : 40 pages
Language : English, French
Themed keywords : International volunteering, development
actor keywords : host organisations, volunteers
Geographical Keywords : Asia, India

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