Discover the programme of the 2013 IVCO Conference !

The programme for this year’s IVCO Conference is out! Organised by FORUM, this annual meeting is a key event for the international volunteering actors. It gathers the main stakeholders of the sector, such as sending organisations, NGOs, government representatives and representatives from international institutions and from the UN system.

This year the conference is hosted by France Volontaires. It will be held in Paris, between October 27 and October 30, and there will be a special focus on current research and studies about international volunteering.

Research on volunteering is being conducted by numerous IVCO’s, as well as by international organisations and universities. This year’s conference will provide specific spaces for research to be shared, divulged, but also informed and enriched through exchanges with participants. The main objective is to illustrate how research being conducted today can and must nurture organisations’ reflections on volunteering practice, programme design and impact. The objective is also to show the existing ties between research and practice, as well as to explore new collaborations. 4 sessions will allow participants to have an overview of what’s currently being researched, the new emerging issues and the innovative tools and methodologies being adopted.

2 sessions will present research being conducted in the framework of Forum’s Research Working Group (which, in agreement with the Board, defines a topic, drafts a concept note and identifies a consultant/researcher to address a specific question):

  • A plenary session on tuesday, where Ben Lough will be presenting a paper on the value added of international volunteering (day 2). Ben is part of Forum’s research working group
  • A plenary session on wednesday where Cliff Allum (Skillshare) will present a concept note on an on-going study about the interfaces between national and international volunteering. The concept note was conceived by the RWG and a consultant is currently conducting the research

2 sessions open to a wider frame, which will allow researchers and organisations to present their findings and specific methods:

  • The workshops on innovative tools and research methodology (wednesday), in which three speakers are given an individual slot (workshop) to present their research and the specificities of their methods and eventually their main findings
  • The Research Marketplace (on wednesday), in which researchers/speakers will hold a “stand”, where they will be able to present a poster paper to a high number of participants. Exchanges will last 10 to 15 minutes and will be organized as a “speed-dating”

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