Cartography 2013 of Volunteering for International Exchange and Solidarity

Type : Cartography
Autor : David Leyle et Mélanie Lunel

As we have to face rapidly developing mutations in this sector, it is absolutely essential to be able to have information about international volunteering for international exchange and solidarity.
More than 60 experts and 25 organisations helped write this document so as to provide an overview of the current situation of international solidarity volunteering. This book offers a snapshot of this sector in France thanks to the capitalisation and sharing of data and practices from all stakeholders.
The combination of quantitative, qualitative and cartographic analyses presents a whole range of approaches that allow you to explore of the diversity of this sector. Studying its current dynamics induces a reflection on what is at stake in this sector as well as its future challenges, which are numerous.
Information database, for a tool for advocacy and decision-making, this book is intended for all stakeholders of international volunteering in France and in Europe. More generally, it is also intended for institutions in developing countries that host French volunteers.

Language : English, French
Country : France
Editor / producing organization : France Volontaires, Observatoire
Date volume : 10/2013
Pages : 104p
Language : English, French
Themed keywords : cartography, mapping, map, volunteering

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