Observatory’s publications

The aims of Observatory’s publications are : Improving knowledge and producing analysis on international voluntary and solidarity based commitment on different themes and scales.

Observatory’s studies and research

Observatory produces and co-produces works of research and analysis on international voluntary and solidarity based commitment on a regular basis. Exploratory, in-depth, or strategic, the issues dealt with in the Observatory’s studies are part of a drive to improve knowledge about this sector. These studies aim to offer different stakeholders some perspectives and analytical frameworks on various thematic areas: devices, practices, experiences, etc…

Over the past few years, Observatory’s studies have primarily focused on Initiation and Exchange Volunteer schemes (youth work-camps, solidarity trips, etc…): supervisors, co-financing, etc…


Observatory’s summary reports

Practical and precise, Observatory’s Summary Reports are short formats of studies conducted by the Observatory or other organisations. In a few pages, these reports offers an illustrated summary of the content in order to give an overview of the issue in question.


The dynamics of Volunteering for Internatinal Exchange and Solidarity (VIES) in French regions and around the world

These studies report on the stakeholders and practices of Volunteering for International Exchange and Solidarity (VIES) in various regions in France and in other partner countries. They look at the numbers sent out, the organisations’ practices, tools, statutes, projects as well as volunteers’ experiences (terms, satisfaction, etc…).