What goals for post-2015? What issues ? What data ?

The North-South Institute has created a tool called "Tracking Post 2015", which tracks the different proposals for the post 2015 development agenda. Organized thematically, it is a unique (...)

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The Volunteer Space in India hosts a discussion on "Different Models of Volunteerism in India"

On February the 20th, our Volunteer Space in India hosted a round table that gathered major volunteer supporting organisations. The event had 2 main objectives : Present the key findings (...)

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Volunteering and women’s economic empowerment

The canadian organisation CECI has published a study on women’s economic empowerment, with the specific case of the shea-butter and rice parboiling subsectors in Burkina Faso. The study focused (...)

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New study "India’s Global Footprints"

Published by Voluntary Action Network India (VANI), this study analyzes India’s role in development and cooperation: India as a donor country, India in South-South cooperation... A good reading (...)

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